The MeetNotes slackbot assists you in running meetings from Slack.
If you need help integrating Slack with MeetNotes click here.

Once you have integrated Slack, you will receive a welcome message from the bot.

You can send an invite link to team members in your slack workspace. The Slack bot sends an invite on #general or anther channel that you choose.

The MeetNotes Slack bot gains new powers everyday. All of the superpowers are listed here! 

Daily Morning Summary Message

MeetNotes bot sends daily summary of the day. It helps user plan the day. User can add Agenda for the upcoming meeting, follow up on open Action Items from previous meeting. All from the slack.  A preview of daily summary is shown below:

Create a New Meeting

Running impromptu meetings is easy. Ask the MeetNotes slack bot to create a meeting for you. A link to the new meeting is created which takes you to the app. Learn more here.

Adding Agenda to a Meeting

Predefined Agenda ensures on schedule result oriented meetings. Contribute to meeting effectiveness by adding an agenda item from Slack. Learn more about adding agenda here.

Add Notes to Meetings

Its easy to add notes to meeting. It could be an important update, a new development or a change of plans, just add it to a meeting. Learn more here.

Get Action Items from Meetings

If you need a quick update of what tasks are due or need an update on what your colleagues are working on, use the get-actions command on Slack. Learn more here.

View Notes from a Meeting

You can use the get-notes command to view notes without switching between applications. Learn how to use this feature here .

Alternatively you can share meeting notes over slack channels from app also. Learn more about sharing notes here. 

Action item Follow-up 

Get the MeetNotes Slackbot to follow up on your behalf. Get a quick status update from your colleagues by using the follow-up command. Learn more here.

Slack Notifications 

Slack bot sends 3 kinds of notifications for a meeting. 

First notification is sent if there are open Action Items. 

If meeting has open Action Items or as a meeting organiser user has not set the Agenda. MeetNotes bot sends notification 10 minutes before a meeting starts.

You can update action item status, add notes or share notes from this reminder.

Second notification
is sent to organiser of the meeting only. One hour before the meeting Slack bot notifies the organiser of meeting to set and share agenda with the attendees. 

Third notification is for feedback and is sent after the meeting. Every attendee can vote how the meeting went.

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