The MeetNotes Slackbot can fetch action items from meetings and display it on Slack. Open action items are displayed and you can also update their status to 'doing or ''done'. A nifty way to keep the momentum going and avoid slippage.
Here are the different ways you can use this command:

Display actions from a Meeting

1. Use the command @meetnotes get-actions meeting .

2. Select the meeting for which you want action items displayed.

Meetings that have occurred in the last 14 days and those that are scheduled for the next 14 days are displayed in the dropdown.

3. Open action items from that meeting are displayed with an option to update status.

Display a User's Action Items

1. Use the command @meetnotes get-actions @slack username.

2.  Five open actions items from meetings that you have in common with the mentioned slack user will be displayed.

Display Your Open Action Items

If you want to see your open action items, use the command @meetnotes get-actions

That's three different ways to display action items from MeetNotes. Go ahead, give it a spin and get more done!

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